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Recent Achievements

  • 8,000 lives supported by our water holes in Niger
  • 110+ orphans provided with school tuition
  • 300+ nurses trained in Sri Lanka

Following the recent coup in Bamako Mali earlier this year, many Malian families have fled their country to neighboring Niger in search for safety. Ahmad Tea have received news from one of our partnering organizations, Oxfam - that our recent borehole project in Banibangou is benefitting some 5000 Malian refugees and that this number is on the rise…

Meanwhile in Ukraine, our charity team have been reflecting upon the Malenkiy Parnas festival - a creative arts festival especially for youth living with physical disabilities. The festival engaged the enthusiastic youngsters in a showcase of events, from dancing to embroidery and poetry. It was a great success! Whilst across other parts of Ukraine, more fun activities were set up. Through the daily sponsorship of a sanatorium in Nova Vodolaga, children can take on several hobbies – such as the “ABC of Homekeeping!”

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We hope that the new medical complex will provide sterilized working areas so that we can perform routine bone marrow biopsies and other procedures properly. — Paediatric Nurse, National Cancer Institute Sri Lanka

  • Building a new medical complex to accommodate 250+ cancer patients
  • Training 300+ oncology nurses
  • Training 50+ cleaning staff on appropriate hygiene methods
  • Training 75+ staff on 5S management principles

In Sri Lanka, the absolute risk of dying from non-communicable disease, such as cancer, is higher than in developed countries. Ahmad Tea has shared a history with Sri Lanka – beginning their sales 25 years ago with Ceylon tea. Due to their strong relationship with the island, and in recognition of the need for improved cancer care services, Ahmad Tea developed the Razavi Project. The project aims to improve the services and facilities at the National Cancer Institute, Sri Lanka – the only publicly funded cancer hospital on the island, serving up to 1000 patients.

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Child Welfare

I have lived in the orphanage my whole life. I’ve lived in a social flat for 4 months. I liked it so much that I didn’t want to leave. — Child 11th Grade, Socialization Flat, Russia

Socialization Project, Russia

  • 60+ children offered socialization flats
  • Tutoring of 110+ children across 5 different orphanages
  • Orphanages involved across 3 different regions in Russia
  • Teenagers stay up to 2 years in the flats

The Ministry of Health recorded that the number of orphans in Russia has doubled from 2003 to 2007. These children live on the outside of Russian society and leave the orphanage with a lower level of education, poor social understanding and inadequate life skills. Ahmad Tea has therefore developed socialization programs to tackle the integration issues faced by children leaving their orphanages. We felt that the help given should move beyond the short term, and work towards reaping long term benefits.

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The school children accepted with pleasure this form of education. The very process of interactive communication motivated them to learn additional material. — Technical Manager of the Project and Director, Centre of Distance Learning Technologies

Centre of Distance Learning Technologies, Ukraine

  • Partnered 3 schools and orphanages, with 3 leading Universities
  • Participation of 8 University lecturers and 40 schoolchildren from high schools.

Ukraine has recently taken important steps to ensure equal and fair access to high-quality education. There are no institutional barriers to higher education in Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens have the right to free-of-charge higher education in state and communal Higher Education Institutes – this system is especially important for vulnerable young people. There exists, however, an educational gap between schools and universities. On recognizing an educational gap, Ahmad Tea sought to bridge that gap through applied learning distance technologies.

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Community Development

After just one year, our water problem is history. As village chief I can now rest easy, because the most serious problem my community has faced has now been permanently resolved. — Tahirou Alassane, Village Chief in Soumatt, Niger

Community Water Management Project, Niger

  • Supporting 8,000+ lives through a borehole drilled in Soumatt
  • Supporting 15,000+ livestock through access to water
  • Providing water for a market garden, to support the work of 500+ enterprising gardeners
  • Training of 60+ market gardeners in new techniques, to increase food for their family and local markets

Niger is a large, land-locked country in West Africa with the constraints of limited natural resources and recurrent drought. As a consequence the drought-prone country has faced recurrent food crises over the past three decades. In response to the news of the recurring droughts across the Sahel, Ahmad Tea drew upon Oxfam – and their experts in the design of technological solutions during crises - to bring water to those who need it most.

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The short version of the story is that we’re not doing a very good job of managing waste. We are going to drown in waste. — Technical Director, AECOM Environment Middle East.

Recycling and Waste Management Project

  • Advocacy to promote better waste practices: The Middle East produces approximately 250,000 tons of solid waste every day – the majority of which is dumped untreated in makeshift landfills
  • Education on proper recycling methods - across the region overall, less than 5% is recycled
  • 50% of camels die in the United Arab Emirates from eating plastic

To tackle these hard facts, we have approached Governors, Mayors and CEOs of local cleaning companies to educate and advocate recycling practices. In other regions even waste collection is a severe problem, and so there is an active program at Ahmad Tea to encourage local authorities to address their responsibilities. To achieve its mission of protecting the environment, Ahmad Tea has also partnered with a variety of NGOs and experts.

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